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This section presents 65 in-depth reports written by experienced Internet analysts, enabling you to gain insight into technology trends and develop sound web site strategies.
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This press release presents the European Commission's approach to Digital Interactive Television: European DTV, digital switchover, interactive television, DVB, European digital TV standard, MHP, EPG, HDTV, next steps. PDF format - 100 KB.
© EUROPA - Rapid
This report is based on the findings of a variety of tracking surveys on Americans' use of the Internet between March 2000 and September 2005. All numerical data was gathered through telephone interviews. PDF format - 520 KB.
© Deborah Fallows - Pew Internet & American Life Project
Viviane Reding's perspective on what is needed to make the business environment more favourable to ICT take-up: achievements in adopting ICT solutions, how can ICT help businesses to prepare for the 2010 challenges?, outsourcing and off-shoring, policy response in Lisbon, and i2010. PDF format - 80.8 KB.
© Viviane Reding - European Commission, Information Society and Media
This fact sheet focuses on the .eu Internet domain: what is a top-level domain name, what is .eu, why .eu, can I pre-register for a .eu domain name, sunrise for .eu, and how to apply for a .eu domain name. PDF format -73.2 KB.
© European Commission - Information Society and Media
SMEs are not a homogeneous set. In its analysis of the take up of standards and technology, this study shows that the adoption rates and future plans are highly dependent both on the sectors and the size of the companies involved. PDF format - 2.09 MB.
© European Commission - Enterprise and Industry
ICT becomes available. However, a gap remains between users and non-users. This study takes a closer look at the magnitude of this divide, at some possible explanations for its existence, and at whether the gap is narrowing. PDF format - 288 KB.
© Christophe Demunter - Eurostat
This study highlights the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for interaction with governmental bodies. This later edition now includes information from the new Member States. PDF format - 360 KB.
© Fernando Reis - Eurostat
This report analyses current developments and impacts of electronic business in the publishing and printing industry: publishers of books, newspapers, journals and periodicals, sound recording companies, and printing sector. PDF format - 3.19 MB.
© European Commission - Enterprise and Industry
This study focusses on ICT indicators: definitions, sources, data collection and challenges involved. Including 2 Case Studies on e-Commerce S-Time-Distance Statistics and Correspondence Analysis. PDF format - 1.90 MB.
© European Commission - Enterprise and Industry
Factsheet on the EU's Information Society policy: eAccessibility; eEurope priorities; uneven national progress; what has been achieved so far; design-for-all (DfA); other activities; i2010 initiative; and new proposals. PDF format - 140 KB.
© European Commission - Information Society and Media
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